TS1-091: Aquaplay - Amfieworld

TS1-091: Aquaplay - Amfieworld
TS1-091: Aquaplay - Amfieworld

Key data

Category: TS1 - Gross Motor Development

Location: I (In library)

Instructions: Aquaworld_AmfieWorld.pdf

Number of pieces: 164

Number of unique pieces: 4


86 Pieces

76 pieces

1 Large Net Bag

1 Mesh Bag


Public comments: Adult Supervision required to ensure that pieces are not lost or broken. Clean and dry thoroughly before packing away to prevent moulding and for hygiene reasons. Only fill with water, do not use any other liquids. Assembly and disassembly are to be carried out by adults.

Alerts and warnings

Common picture warning one: Download %284%29

Common picture warning two: Th