TS1-079: Wobbly Worm

TS1-079: Wobbly Worm
TS1-079: Wobbly Worm

Key data

Category: TS1 - Gross Motor Development

Location: I (In library)

Instructions: Wobbly_Worm_Game.pdf

Number of pieces: 17

Number of unique pieces: 6


1 Wobbly Worm Base

9 Rings

1 Instruction Sheet

1 Wobbly Worm Head

4 Green Tubes

1 Box


Public comments: Adult Supervision required to ensure that item is assembled correctly and used in a safe and appropriate manner

Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: Only use batteries inserted as shown on the product instructions. Do not use rechargeable batteries or new and used batteries together.

Common picture warning one: Th